Hey there,

I'm Alina, and I'm excited to share my story with you. For over a
decade, I struggled with stubborn acne, and I mean I tried everything
under the sun to get rid of it. From expensive skincare treatments to
weird diets and even pills and potions prescribed by doctors, but
nothing ever worked. And to top it off, I was constantly bombarded with
comments like "just drink more water," which only added to my

My health started to decline from all the products and pills, and I
got severely depressed, gained weight uncontrollably, and my skin only
got worse by the month. But, I didn't give up. Instead, I decided to
embark on a healing journey and follow a completely holistic approach to
solving my acne problem. I learned to work with my body instead of
pushing it to perform better constantly, and I turned self-hate into
unconditional self-love (trust me, it's hard work that never ends, but
it definitely gets easier).

The great news is, I can now happily say that I am acne-free for
years on end, without expensive products or the stress of harsh
regimens. I know how it feels to constantly wonder what people think of
your skin and deal with hurtful comments (not just bullies). All I want
to do is help you achieve the same freedom I did. My approach works with
nature, not some kind of quick fix, and I believe it can help every

So, let me help you invest a small fraction of what you've already
spent on acne treatments and achieve the clear skin you've always

Let's erase acne for good!